Our Design Process

Sullivan, Henry, Oggero & Associates, Inc., has been designing homes for clients with discerning lifestyles and our design philosophy is simple—listen to the client's needs and desires and propose a concept that answers those needs and desires.

Every client is unique and similar at the same time. Most people have the same basic needs in a home; budget concerns, bedrooms, baths, kitchen/dining areas, living and entertaining spaces, etc., but each individual has a different approach or application. Our job is to listen to the client, read between the lines, and even read minds a little. We suggest ideas and features that others consider important and advise on trends unique to a specific market or particular clientele. Ultimately, the client has final word.

Our initial or preliminary sketch is just that. It is the first step in a process of presenting to you our solutions to your design needs. This first step often solves the broad scope of design issues but may generate other concerns or ideas that were not initially discussed. From this initial design, the process goes forward.


Our design process is an orderly, time proven method to provide the desired end result. The pace at which that end result occurs is unique to each individual client. The time frame can take six to eight weeks or six to eight months, depending on the size and complexity of the project.

The scope of our design services is as varied as our clients. We will provide a design package only, if the client wishes, or complete service through construction documents. You, the client, decide what level of service you prefer, and fees are tailored to your needs.

We will be glad to discuss your choice to have a home custom designed specifically for you. Feel free to e-mail us a brief note describing the size and scope of your design needs, and we will contact you at our earliest convenience.

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